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The GrowMorePulses Knowledge Exchange

The knowledge exchange aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas and knowledge between the agricultural community, the academic world, agri businesses, government agencies, etc and build a community of people interested in promoting the growth and consumption of pulses and who are concerned about meeting the nutritional needs of the Indian population.

Build a strong network connecting the academic world with the agricultural sector
Create a knowledge base that will act as a repository of information and experience that can be used to promote the cultivation and availability of pulses in India

GrowMorePulses invites you to become a member of this community. Whether you are part of India’s pulse research community, facilitators and practitioners of agriculture, government system, student community, etc, please participate in and contribute to the development of this Knowledge Exchange. Share with us your research studies, conference papers, articles and case studies, so that we may make them available on the site. All original papers will be acknowledged and attributed to the source. You can also send us information about conferences, seminars and other events.

The topics and themes to be covered on the site include all relevant subjects relating to pulse crop production, protection and improvement: for example, cropping patterns, seeds, breeding programmes, seed protection, seed banks, plant physiology, nutrition, pest and disease management, botanicals and bioagents, harvesting technologies, processing technologies, etc.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing several interactive features such as discussion forums and blogs, as well as a newsletter for members of the Knowledge Exchange.

Meanwhile, please register on the site and send in your suggestions and comments to contact@growmorepulses.com. Please contribute material by emailing us at knowledge@growmorepulses.com.

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