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What can branding do for Indian pulses?BySreekumar Raghavan
Could branding pulses increase their production?
Future trends in pigeonpea crops
New, short-duration pigeonpea varieties may offer farmers increased options for catch crops and rice fallows
Going against the grain
Pulses provide a significant part of India’s nutritional needs. Yet India’s production of pulses has remained stagnant, making the country increasingly dependent upon imports. This article by Gayatri Kamath examines the several constraints and challenges that face pulse cultivators in India
At what price?
In an article written for the GrowMorePulses Knowledge Exchange, Jaison John, of the grains division of Adani Wilmar Ltd., questions whether minimum support prices for crops benefit or hinder the nation.
Blame imports for India's pulses inflationBySreekumar Raghavan
Why does pulses production continue to lag behind that of wheat and rice? A lack of technology, seeds, and resources is the answer.
The pulses crisis
Tata's MoPu initiative is a long-overdue plan that will help improve nutrition, conserve water, and benefit the country financially, says S Viswanathan in an article from the Industrial Economist
Pulses: An India overview
India is the largest producer and consumer of pulses in the world. A study by the Tata Strategic Management Group analyses the pulses market in India to understand each state’s contribution
The potential to grow
In India, pulse crop yields are one-third the levels achieved by Canada, the US and other countries. Tata Strategic Management Group looks at some of the best practices prevalent in other pulse-producing countries
Pulses: A world view
India is strongly dependent on the import of pulses from developed countries, says a report by Tata Strategic Management Group
Why India needs to grow more pulses
A study by the Tata Strategic Management Group shows that pulses provide a critical part of the protein requirement of Indians
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