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Members' contribution

Members' contribution

Nitrogen-fixing nodules —Mr TalaCrishna Sood
Biological nitrogen fixation is the enzymatic reduction of nitrogen from the air into ammonia. This enzyme is found in certain bacteria of the soil — Rhizobium, Bradyrhizobium, and Azorhizobium. These bacteria are collectively known as rhizobium. The effect of rhizobium on leguminous plants is to induce the formation of nodules on the leguminous plants. In these nodules, bacteria are able to fix nitrogen and convert to ammonia. This ammonia is available to the plant for growth. The nodule development starts with the rhizobia attaching to the root hair of the plant. There are different groups of fast growing and slow growing rhizobia. The formation of effective nodules is a key factor that impacts the plant''s potential to fix nitrogen.
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Members' contributions
Nitrogen-fixing nodules
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