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Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions


Top 10 questions asked:

What is the duration of a pulses crop? What are the various stages of plant growth? How long does each stage take? What nutrient balance is required at each stage? Do plants require certain nutrient more during flowering or fruiting stages?
What role does weather play in harvesting?
Are there any specific best practices to follow when sowing seeds? What moisture content is required at the time of sowing? If the monsoon is delayed, should there be a change in the sowing pattern (eg, sow the seeds closer together)?
Should a pulse crop be rolled?
Does pruning pulses tree result in better yields? If so, how is pruning done?
What soil composition (texture of soil, water retention, clay content, sand content, major and micronutrients, organic matter, etc.) is important to grow more pulses?
Is there technique (genetic or otherwise) to ensure the plant grows in a particular way in order to make it easy to harvest? Are there machines for harvesting pulses, or is it an entirely manual operation?
What is the impact of properly timed irrigation on growing more pulses?
Can I use seed from the previous year's glyphosate-desiccated crop?
Are the texture and colour of the leaves indicative of the health of the plant?
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